The Golden Rules

It’s all fun and games until somebody leaves behind their empty soup can which I trip over and almost face plant into the ground. Ok that didn’t really happen, but trash in the beautiful wilderness is an eye-sore and one of my biggest peeves. Would you leave trash in the middle of a living room floor in a house that you’re visiting? Didn’t your mamma teach you better?

There’s many resources available on how to make your adventure safe and fun:

1. Have your 10 essentials

Even if you’re just going out for a quick hike be prepared to stay overnight if conditions deteriorate. REI has a good article on the 10 essentials and MEC also has an outdoor survival essentials list.

2. Know before you go

Make a plan, know what trail you’ll be using to get to your destination, and try to stick with it.  Check the weather and trail reports. Be prepared.

3. Leave your plans with someone

A responsible someone. If you know Bob is partying the weekend of your trip your rescue might be delayed while Bob is passed out in the yard. Someone who has your trip plans will know where you are going and when you’re coming back. They will be able to pass on this valuable information to search and rescue efforts should the need arise.

3. Follow the “Leave No Trace” principle and if you “Pack it in [then] Pack it out”.

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