About The Bus Eleven


According to the authoritative Urban Dictionary, to take the bus eleven means being magically transported to your destination with your own two legs.

After much procrastination, I’d like to try and share my adventures through this blog. I’m usually biking the streets of Vancouver or gallivanting around some beautiful BC hiking trails. What I really hope to achieve is to encourage folks to get out there and breathe some fresh mountain air, or just get moving towards happier habits in general. Life is too short for the fast lane.

If you’d like more information on anything feel free to reach me at takebuseleven@gmail.com. Comments, suggestions and feedback is also welcome! If you like what you read you can subscribe to my blog below under “Follow blog via email”.

Also just to cover my bases please take some time to read my disclaimer.

11 thoughts on “About The Bus Eleven

  1. hahaha I never knew that. I’m glad that I do though, Bus Eleven is going to quickly become one of my favorite phrases. That would be a good title for an autobiography hah.

  2. what camera you using, cuz?

    brunei needs a big dash of trash, i tell ya.. it just ain’t the same here without you 🙂

      1. Wow, I did not keep track of this…Just read thru and was like “why did I say trash?” but momma is right, I meant Trish. And now I’m an editor! HAHAHAHAHA things do change!

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