Greendrop / Lindeman Lake Trail – Chilliwack, BC

I usually prefer to explore areas along the Sea to Sky highway but realizing that the Whistler GranFondo was on the same weekend I was planning to hike, I drove to Chilliwack instead to hike to Greendrop lake located in Chilliwack Lake Provincial Park. This was my first hike in the area, and it’s always fun to explore new places with the added bonus of taking a chilly dip in the shimmering glacial fed waters of Lindeman lake.

The Low-down:
2hr 15min drive from Vancouver.
Moderate hike – Greendrop lake trail.
Trip date early September, no snow on trail.
Trail begins at Greendrop/Lindeman parking lot.
Distance from trailhead to Lindeman lake: 1.5km, 45mins on way, 200m elevation gain.
Distance from trailhead to Greendrop lake: 5.5km, 3.5hrs one way, 400m elevation gain.
Total distance return: 11km, 400m elevation gain.

DSC01388The start of the trail

DSC01391Despite the drier weather, parts of the trail are covered in lush green scattered with boulders

The trail going up to Lindeman lake is easy to follow but there’s not much of a warm up as you climb upwards gaining 200m in elevation gain in the first 1km. The first part to Lindeman lake will only take about 45 minutes. If you want a short hike to a nice view and don’t mind the crowds, Lindeman lake is a good choice to set up camp. I saw people with inflatable boats head out to relax in the sun or go fishing.

DSC01401Hiking through fallen trees

DSC01396One of the early shorter rockfalls to cross. Following the orange markers.

Going past Lindeman lake towards Greendrop lake, the trail starts to get a little tricky but it does flatten out. At the end of Lindeman lake you cross a section of boulders which require some scrambling leading to a boardwalk. I found this part of the trail right after passing the end of Lindeman lake and finding the Greendrop lake trail not well marked. This might have changed now, the official BC Parks website mentions to follow only the square orange markers and not any of the flagging tape which wasn’t noted when I had gone, so it may be marked better. Once you pass the boardwalk you scramble up another rocky section and then turn right into a tight pass which opens up to another scree you need to cross leading into a wooded area where the trail is now better marked.

A group prepares to go fishing with Lindeman lake stretching out in the background

At the end of Lindeman lake

DSC01429The boardwalk leading on to Greendrop lake trail

The next 4km of the trail covers multiple scrambles over rockfall and another climb of 200m in elevation (which makes it interesting though I’m not sure if you would want to attempt this hike in wet slippery conditions) with one longer section of scree before reaching the forest that leads to Greendrop lake.

DSC01442The long scree section to cross

DSC01445Last stretch; the right tag on the log points towards Greendrop lake and the left tag points back to the Trans-Canada Trail which is also located in the park

After passing Lindeman lake and seeing how beautiful it was, I was really looking forward to camping at Greendrop lake with less people. Greendrop lake however, was a little disappointing with murkier looking water and a view that was not as captivating. It was extra disappointing to see rusty soup cans and other rubbish strewn about; I try to take out what I can but everyone really should follow the principle of “leave no trace“. We decided to backtrack down the trail and pitch our tent closer to the creek so that we had easy access to flowing water and we were away from the people who had sent up camp close to the lake.

DSC01449A part of the trail close to Greendrop lake. I love how everything is covered in moss.

tent and mushroomsGood night and good morning

Overall the trail itself to Greendrop lake is a beautiful and interesting hike, but the views at Greendrop lake in comparison to Lindeman lake is not as good. There is a backcountry fee of $5 per person, and you can pay this online and also find out more information about Chilliwack Provincial Park here.

DSC01520Heading back down to the trailhead

DSC01486Always happy to be outdoors!

4 thoughts on “Greendrop / Lindeman Lake Trail – Chilliwack, BC

    1. No bears 🙂 Considering most of BC is bear country just don’t eat in or close to your tent, put your food away properly (in a cache or hung up a tree) and all will be well!

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