I haven’t been blogging much of late and admittedly I haven’t been the most motivated, but I have finally gotten my gears moving into action! What is a better motivator than something shiny and new, and that applies to my blog as well. I’ve switched themes to hopefully bring more snap to my content but also keeping it clean and simple. I love this new theme ‘Intergalactic’ by WordPress that looks incredible on computer but also keeps the quality on mobile devices with a responsive design.

GO BIG and go home, which this would be in Vancouver. Overlooking Lions Bay.

I’m now inspired to get back to blogging, and I definitely have lots to share but I’ve just been putting off. No more! I promise a new post early next week on my trip to Palawan in the Philippines featuring clear blue seas, sandy beaches, large lizards and starfish of the tropics.

In the meantime you can still browse through my older (but still as fun) posts by visiting my Hiking/Scrambling or Travel pages. My old posts aren’t quite formatted the best way for this new theme (sorry!) but I hope you still find the information and photos valuable and enjoyable to read.

My orangutan friend says have fun ‘hanging out’ on my blog (I’m hilarious I know! Ok I’m stopping now before I make more bad pun jokes)

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