Chihuly Garden and Glass – Seattle, Washington


Persian Ceiling – Have a seat and soak in the colours

Last month a friend recommended I visit the Chihuly Garden and Glass exhibition next to the space needle when I was there for the weekend. I spent an amazing four hours entranced by the rich colours and delicate intricacies of Chihuly’s world of glass.


View of the space needle from the Glasshouse

The exhibition starts with Dale Chihuly’s early works, inspired by Native Indian basketry – but I found the collection of portraits taken by Edward S. Curtis in the early 1900s of Native Indians more compelling to look at.


Diverting my gaze from the photographs of Native American Indians suddenly the room ahead was filled with glossy hues of blue reflecting off Chihuly’s 15 foot Sealife Tower piece. At first glance I couldn’t believe the size and detail of it, all hand blown and shaped. Moving closer for a better look I was more amazed to find little golden glass jellyfish and sea shells “swimming” around.


Sealife Tower


The additional sea creatures added into the mix – it was such an incredible piece to absorb

If Sealife Tower wasn’t impressive enough, the next few rooms showcase more of his amazing work one in particular being an entire garden of glass.


Mille Fiori – meaning “a thousand flowers” in Italian


Glass forest



After walking for hours in spotlight filled rooms my eyes hurt walking into the Glasshouse filled with natural light which was the last part of the exhibition. It suddenly felt very freeing to be in such an open space but my neck did hurt from admiring the glass flowers suspended from the ceiling. A smarter gentleman decided to plop himself on the floor and gaze up neck strain free.


The tour ends with taking you outside into the gardens where living plants and Chihuly’s work were mixed together. I thought the concept was interesting and I wish I could have been in a timelapse to see how the glass and natural light interact with each other. When I was there it was overcast but the pop of colour from the artworks was still eye catching.


The Glasshouse from the outside

Overall the visit to Chihuly Garden and Glass was inspiring. The admission fee for adults is $19 and there’s also a café there to give you a pre or post tour energy boost. It’s easy to find and get to being right next to the space needle, and definitely worth a visit if you haven’t been before.

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