The Gung Ho Bros – Summit

At 2.30am they began their final ascent to the summit. Harnessed and roped together, the last part before the summit was the most technically challenging; trekking through glaciers and crossing crevasses for hours in the blinding whiteness of their surroundings as daylight appeared. The climb progressed into short shuffles and many rest breaks, before exhaustion finally took over and Cyril completed his climb at 6065m, followed by Jerome at 6100m. George, Gabriel and Clement pushed on and reaching the snow embankment, Sherpa Lakpa led the three brothers up to the summit at 6654m ASL – the highest point they have ever been in their lives. As they unfurled the Bruneian flag, they became the first Bruneians to successfully fly their national flag at the summit.

115. upwards to summit_flickr
Today’s the day – upwards to summit

119. thin air slow steps_flickr
Spreading out – thinning air and exhaustion kicking in
crevasse cross 1_flickr
Preparing to cross a crevasse
crevass cross 2_flickr
125. preparing for summit_flickr
Preparing to summit

There were teams from Europe, North America, the Indian continent, and one team from Brunei, South East Asia. Out of the 130 climbers that left high camp for the summit, only 25 made it to the peak. Presently Brunei’s climbing history consists of the group that successfully made their way to Everest South Base camp, 5360m ASL. The Lai family can now be added with their successful summit of Mount Mera 6654m ASL, 1294m higher.

Flying high – From L-R – George, Gabriel and Clement at the top of Mt. Mera
129. george descend_flickr
George descending
122. george and neima help_flickr
After an exhilarating summit, exhaustion takes over and George is assisted by Neima back down
128. flying the flag_flickr
What a journey – congratulations Gung Ho Bros!

– Read the complete journey on the Gung Ho Bros Mt. Mera Expedition page –


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