The Gung Ho Bros – Base Camp and Ice Walls

Day eight began to really test mental toughness with headaches becoming worse as the air began to thin more. The ascend to Khare at 5010m ASL was extremely arduous, with legs feeling like they’ve been filled with lead, and each step getting heavier after the other. The symptoms of altitude sickness began to worsen: headaches became more pounding that raw garlic was not only being chewed but also being directly rubbed on foreheads, and nausea was rising. The temperature dropped to -3 degrees and none had a restful night.

The weather turned on day nine with a blinding snowstorm raging for hours. The group narrowly avoided crevasses, and trekked on slippery glacial bridges of ice in bad visibility from heavy snowfall. Rappelling down a steep 50m ice wall and reaching base camp at 5350m ASL which was in a small valley protected from the harsh winds, the temperatures still dropped to -9 degrees for the night.

97. to basecamp_flickr
On the way to basecamp

mtn lunch_flickr
Lunch time in the valley
100. snowline_flickr
Reaching the snowline
Abseiling down, a first for most and in icy conditions to boot. No pressure.
102. crevasses_flickr
Amidst all the crevasses
104. approaching basecamp_flickr
Reaching basecamp

– Read the complete journey on the Gung Ho Bros Mt. Mera Expedition page –


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