The Gung Ho Bros – Happy Birthday!

Day five brought another day of difficult trekking to Khote 3585m ASL. At camp, it was the last opportunity for the group to shower with hot water before trekking for another 6 days to the summit. After dinner, Sherpa Lakpa presented Cyril with a birthday cake to celebrate his 42nd birthday. Quite an epic way to celebrate.

74. khote_flickr
The birthday boy reaches Khote
75. happy birthday_flickr
Happy Birthday Cyril!

73. rapids_flickr
Resting by the rapids

Day six was a gentle ascent through an enchanted moss covered forest along the Mera Khola and the group reached Tangnag at the base of Mount Mera 4300m ASL after 8 hours. Here the symptoms of altitude sickness began to emerge. All brothers started to suffer from headaches which was somewhat alleviated by chewing raw garlic given by Lakpa, but with temperatures in the room dropping to 2 degrees it was not a restful night. The following morning on day seven, they awoke to the sounds of a medevac helicopter taking a European climber back to Lukla. Trying to brush aside thoughts that hopefully the next helicopter won’t be to pick one of them up, the group was led by Lakpa to practise rope climbing and abseiling techniques they would need to successfully summit.

reflection pond
Reflection pond
along the trail
Along the trail
86. absail practise_flickr
Practice makes safe abseiling
85. abseil practise mera background_flickr
Mt. Mera in the background
94. peeling and eating raw garlic_flickr
At 4300m ASL altitude headaches – Cyril and Gabriel eat raw garlic to try and battle the head pain

– Read the complete journey on the Gung Ho Bros Mt. Mera Expedition page –


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