The Gung Ho Bros – First Camp

On day three, awaking to the glorious view of the Dutkunda mountain and continuing their trek to the next campsite at a farm past Sibuje village, the group caught their first glimpse of Mount Mera. A magnificent sight to behold and knowing that there was still at least 6 days of more trekking before reaching base camp.

70. first sight of mera_flickr
Mera peeking through

57. yellow flower_flickr
Yellow flowers

Day four was a more difficult leg of the journey with some teeth grinding moments when steeply descending a vertical cliff face which deposited the trekkers 140m below. The feeling of nervousness was quickly replaced by amazement at watching the porters descend with 70kg worth of equipment and supplies on their backs, and slippers for footwear. Completely mind boggling. After then passing by a beautiful waterfall 300m high by crossing a fallen pine log they reached camp at Chatarapuk before nightfall. The porters, usually ahead of the group, navigated through the dark and arrived two hours after; showing a mastery of the mountain trails.

One of the porters
60. cliff 1_flickr
Down it goes…
61. cliff 2_flickr
Steep = slow and steady. George makes his way down
64. fallen log crossing_flickr
Jerome and Cyril crossing
43. first camp_flickr
At first camp

– Read the complete journey on the Gung Ho Bros Mt. Mera Expedition page –


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