The Gung Ho Bros – Dungerous Trail

On October 16 at 5am they made their way towards Mount Mera. In the next eleven days days of very early mornings, trekking and climbing up to 8 hours each day, it would be the most difficult, physically and mentally challenging endeavour undertaken by any of them. Fresh on the trail and excited that the journey has begun, day one was considered an enjoyable 7 hour 12.8km trek to Puiya village.

21. puiya rooms_flickr
Hillside rooms in Puiya

20. primary school_flickr
Primary school on route to Puiya

Day two was the trek to Pangongma. Along the way was a yak and mule train trail carrying supplies from the small village of Jiri to the other villages along the way. Each step along the trail brought a danger of stepping into a giant pile of yak or mule dung – so the trail was labelled by Cyril as the “Dungerous Trial”.

mule train
Mule train hustle
26. mule train_flickr
Make way, passing through
32. to pangongma_flickr
On the way to Pangongma
A temple

After 8 hours of dodging mule dung and urine pools, but still not ones to be deterred and with plenty of appetite, the group arrived in Pangongma at 5.30pm to have dinner in the tea house. After dinner, the floor was cleared and a good night’s sleep had.

plush meal
A trip up a mountain means good food too
35. T house Pangongma_flickr
Getting ready for dinner in the tea house
36. pangongma t house sleep_flickr
Bed time

– Read the complete journey on the Gung Ho Bros Mt. Mera Expedition page –


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