The Gung Ho Bros – Onwards to Lukla

The following day was the flight to Lukla, rated as one of the most dangerous airports in the world. Having only one runway for landing and takeoffs being less than 500 metres long, the runway ends with a steep drop into the valley below, making for an extremely slim margin of error. Thankfully the weather was clear and 35 minutes after flying past beautiful landscapes of mountains, waterfalls and rivers dotted with villages, the plane touched down at Tenzing-Hillary airport 2800 metres ASL. A short walk from the airport was Sunrise Hotel where they checked in, and closeby to the delight of all was a Starbucks with Wifi access.

lukla landing
Landing at Lukla

4. lukla plane_flickr
A full flight aboard the 19 seat plane, not for the claustrophobic
8. sunrise hotel lukla_flickr
Checking in at the Sunrise Hotel
lukla starbucks
Starbucks in Lukla for your caffeine fix. Also for liquid courage before your expedition the Irish Happy pub next door.

– Read the complete journey on the Gung Ho Bros Mt. Mera Expedition page –


3 thoughts on “The Gung Ho Bros – Onwards to Lukla

  1. That man by the door looks like ah Dot!?!?!
    I’ve heard about the ‘hit-or-miss’ runway from a colleague who came back from their trip during their Dec holidays.

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