The Gung Ho Bros – The Beginning

Normally my blog like most of the other blogs out on the great internet is all about me and my adventures and the really cool places and things I see and do. Me, me and me. Way too much me. So I’m taking a break to still write about a really amazing adventure but this time lived through the next person that’s very close to being me – my dad and his band of brothers I’ve lovingly called the Gung Ho Bros. This post is dedicated to them and their and successful summit of Mt. Mera in Nepal 6,476 metres above sea level. Can I get a HELLA YEAH!

All photos taken by the Gung Ho Bro Group, do not use and copy without permission. Photo editing and post written by yours truly.

24. the team_flickr
The Team – From L-R – Assistant Sherpa Paseang, Cyril, George, Sherpa Lakpa, Clement, Gabriel, Jerome

The telling of an epic journey such as this would require more thought in presentation than squishing it all onto one blog post. So my dad suggested that each part of the story be released as a post a day which I thought would be fun too. Each post can be found (after its publish date) on the Gung Ho Bros Mt. Mera Expedition page for a complete reading experience.

Two years ago an adventurous group of brothers had climbed most of the mountains that South East Asia had to offer. Thirsting for more they decided to go where all mountaineers go for their next big challenge: Nepal. An attempt to summit Mera Peak which looms 6,654 metres or 21,825ft above sea level (ASL), Mera is classified as a trekking peak. But to just say a trek is misleading, it was in fact a climb where they would find themselves in extreme conditions with temperatures dropping into bitter cold negatives, and low oxygen levels triggering altitude sickness. The date was set for 2012, and 6 brothers from the Lai family committed themselves to their biggest adventure yet.

Tough physical training was part of the preparation package, and not ones to be deterred, George (55), Joseph (53), Gabriel (52), Clement (50), Jerome (48) and Cyril (42) undertook three years of rigorous training by consistently attacking the Shahbandar hills in Brunei and the final test of successfully climbing Mount Kinabalu in Malaysia (4095m ASL) in July 2012. Physically fit as they’ll ever be, there was no room for doubts. Mental toughness would be needed if not more than physical strength. October came fast around the corner and it was time to depart to Katmandu. Unfortunately only 5 brothers departed for Nepal as Joseph broke his ankle weeks before.

The next three weeks will bring hours of passing through villages, forest, rivers, valleys, snow, ice, the high of reaching the summit, and then the shuffling of heavy feet on the return trip.

1. bangkok_flickr
In Bangkok on the way to Katmandu – fresh faces
2. arrive katmandu_flickr
The group arrives and is welcomed in Katmandu

Landing in Katmandu they were met at the gate by Mr. Khum Subedi of Unique Trekking and checked in at their hotel in Thamel. Here they met their guide Lakpa Sherpa (Sherpa is a surname denoting mountain tribes) and the group was brought to a rental shop for a crash course on mountaineering equipment that was rented. Down feather sleeping bags with warmth ratings, plastic mountaineering boots, crampons that are metallic teeth strapped to the bottom of boots for traction. Rabid mountaineering gear junkies would rejoice in Katmandu with low prices and wide variety of choices.

All geared up and ready as they would ever be, the next day would be their flight to Lukla and the start of their high altitude adventure.

– Read the complete journey on the Gung Ho Bros Mt. Mera Expedition page –


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