Tis the Season – Mt. Seymour, North Vancouver

“Watch my back will you buddy, I’ll grab the bag of nuts when she looks elsewhere”

To kick off the winter season I went for a warm up snowshoe session at Mt. Seymour and made it to Brockton Point. There’s already plenty of glorious snow on the mountains and I can’t wait to snowboard.

The hike up to Brockton Point was quite a workout with several steep sections and I’d watch out for the skiers using the same trail to hit the backcountry slopes. I saw some struggle to make it up the steep parts so unless you want to be a potential bowling pin behind with a strikeout steer clear!

On the Mt. Seymour Winter trail

The trailhead to access the backcountry trails is right by the skihill area on the far end. It’s free parking which is always nice, and to hike along the trails is also free since this area is part of the provincial park and not part of the ski resort.

It was about a 3.5hr easy pace up to Brockton Point and back. From here you can see the skiers enjoying their runs down. The trail is very well marked and it’s also quite busy so it would be a good one to do if you’re new to snowshoeing.

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