Alexis – Vancouver, BC

soma front back_flickr
Love is in the details: metal Soma crest on the frame, copper rivets and railings on the saddle.

My first official bike (I’m not counting the mountain bike I had when I was 12) was an old Norco Tri-Sport racing bike from the 1980s that I bought when I was a university student for $200 from this random guy that fixed up old bicycles. After my first commute to downtown Vancouver and realizing that I didn’t have to wait for the bus, could come and go as I pleased, and saw really cool things that you would miss otherwise, I knew one day I would plonk some cash on my dream commuting / touring bike. And the day has come! Pictured above is Alexis: a beauty of a Soma Double Cross in ivory complete with a Brooks leather saddle in honey. Outfitted with an Axiom journey rear rack and SKS longboard fenders in beige I see many great adventures ahead!

This is my first bike with bar end shifters and I like it. I debated between STI shifters that I was used to on my road bike or going with bar end shifters which turned out to be cheaper, easier to maintain, less finicky and more reliable. The Soma frame is steel which I find is a lot more forgiving to ride on for long periods of time than an aluminium frame as it absorbs bumpy roads better. A steel frame might be heavier, but for touring and long hauls it’s a much smoother and more solid ride. A Sugino triple crankset and 9 speed rear cassette means no excuse to walk any hills.

I’ll be doing the Group Health Seattle to Portland Bicycle Classic next Saturday July 14 which is 204 miles (328km) spread over two days. A great excuse to consume all the calories I want as well as take Alexis for her first real big spin!

Alexis on the Galloping Goose trail to Victoria, BC

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