Pike Place Market, Seattle

Morning set up

Pike Place Market in Seattle reminds me of Granville Island Public Market here in Vancouver. Lots of delicious local food, cool arts and crafts stuff and great live music from the busker of the day. I’d like to mention that Chukar Cherries (in the photo above on the right) are incredibly delicious.  It’s about $10 for a 215g bag and you get what you pay for – local ingredients and no additives or preservatives. You can try samples at their stall and after trying their dark chocolate covered cherries I was sold.

Walking by the day before at dusk

Lots of things to do, see and eat! If you’re a Starbucks fan you might want to make the pilgrimage to the first original Starbucks store across the street. Also check out the fish mongers who skilfully toss their fish over the counters to each other; forget what your momma said about not playing with your food cause its super fun to watch. I haven’t seen them throw their crabs around like a seafood discus yet though.


4 thoughts on “Pike Place Market, Seattle

  1. I love your photos! So vibrant, especially the veggie stands. 🙂 I love Granville Island, but I have to say I do like the Pike Place Market a bit more. Chukar Cherries is a delicious delight!

  2. The Grocery picture is brilliant. Yes, I would like a picture of the fish tossing, even better would be the flying crab discus.

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