Greenshade Tote Bag

blue bike stencil + retro stripe lining = awesomeness

You may not have noticed my obsession with bicycles. If it’s a bicycle something, then I’ll love it (ok I do have my limits, maybe not this). When I saw a tote bag at work with a bike stencil on it I knew I had to track down the owner to interrogate where they bought it from.

Turns out it belonged to a talented co-worker that made it. Asking if I could buy one she was awesome enough to actually make one for me, with my favourite colours and all! It’s also no wimp of a tote, I stuff it full of heavy things with confidence.

She mostly makes toys and play accessories for youngins and if you’re looking for creative, unique handmade gifts I’d definitely check out her store and website – greenshade.

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