Gear Geekery – Headband / Neckband Water Bottle Holder

I kid you not, out there exists a headband / neckband / water bottle holder hybrid for the active and fashionable.

Now as a runner/cyclist/hiker I admit the gear I wear can look pretty geeky; I don’t usually feel sexy in my black rain pants and garbage bag looking shoe booties. I still don’t feel sexy in my head to toe spandex outfit when I’m training on my bike. But when I saw this product advertised in a running magazine I had to have a few minutes to really contemplate… is this for real?

SWIH (pronounced “Swee”) is a water bottle holder that you can wear as a headband or neckband.


Some questions to ponder:

Will it give me neck pain? If I wear it around my head with the bottle rested against my neck like the photo below I don’t know if my neck muscles are strong enough to support that weight. I guess we all have to start somewhere – I’d start with a smaller 250ml water bottle before graduating to the big guns.

Will it choke me? Wearing it around my neck with the bottle weighing behind I would think the up/down running motion would feel like someone attempting to strangle me but can’t quite make up their mind.

How do I look? We see the world through our own tinted lenses. As someone who wears a one piece cycling spandex bib, who am I to judge.

For more information and a video of the product in action check out their website!

[Note: All the images in this post are taken from the official product website, link provided above. I own nothing. Except my wise words.]

2 thoughts on “Gear Geekery – Headband / Neckband Water Bottle Holder

  1. Hohoho, you can use this special band to hold a warm bottle below your nose to breathe in warmed up air when running in a cold morning. or on your eyebrows when the UV is too strong for your eyes, or over the mouth of your fellow runner/s if they talk too much when they run. Brilliant !!

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