In Case of Defeat…

By artist Mike Macri

The Lululemon Lab on Cambie and Broadway showcases different artworks as their window display by local artists. I think it’s a great way to show support for the artistic community and to see talent we might miss right under our noses. I saw this interesting piece by Mike Macri which got me thinking what I would put behind that glass. I think I’d put this baby in for emergency use:

2011 Romax Ti
Dream bike: 2011 Brodie Romax Ti

With this sexy piece of titanium metal – defeat? What defeat? I find for me the best way to release all that built up tension would be do get out there and do something active, something that would get the heart really pumping. Sweat it off! Oh and I suppose having some sweet gear like the Brodie Romax Ti would help facilitate the process, a-ha!

What would you put behind your emergency glass?

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