Snowboarding – Cypress Mountain

First run of the season!

Cypress Mountain was the first place in Vancouver to open for skiing/snowboarding this season! There was plenty of snow to enjoy and considering it’s really early in the season it makes me super excited to know there’s much more snow on the way. Hurrah La Nina winter!

I was actually up in Cypress in early October hiking the trail to Eagle Bluffs and it was really strange to see all the runs without snow. Fast forward a month and a half later the whole mountain looks like a winter playground.


After some rusty starts (tumbling off the chairlift for the first few runs is part of the refresher course) I managed to get my boarding legs back into gear. Overconfidence can be a downfall though – literally. Feeling like a snowboard champ I tried doing a little jump off this mound, bailed and found myself eating snow.

The incredible view from one of the runs

Wear a helmet! I’ve seen my fair share of concussions while working on Grouse Mountain. Be safe and have an awesome season! (Well, more for my buddies lucky enough to enjoy the snowfall. Sorry folks in the tropics.)

The Lions on the right, hope to climb them next summer!

4 thoughts on “Snowboarding – Cypress Mountain

  1. I’m a huge snowboarding nut! I love it! I’ve snowboarded for more than 15 years and have more snowboards than I can ride in a day.

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