Gear – Road ID

The Low Down:
Wrist ID Elite / Wrist ID Sport / Wrist ID Slim
$29.99 / $19.99 / $15.99
Yay: Value, Durable, Lightweight
Nay: None, get one and be safe

 Sometimes you just want to release the lone alpha wolf and indulge in some solo time with yours truly. It’s nice to have the time for self-reflection and inner zen but it’s also  important to be extra cautious safety wise when doing things alone.

I always have my Road ID on me when I’m out hiking, cycling, running, etc. Accidents can happen regardless of how careful you are – just because you’re being safe unfortunately doesn’t mean others are doing their due diligence. Wearing it ensures that if something does happen people know who you are and who to contact in case of emergencies.

Road ID  interactive goes on step further – you can fill in and update an Emergency Response Profile and First Responders will have access to this information 24/7. When you buy a Road ID product the first year to subscribe to this service is free. After a year it’s $9.99 to keep your profile accessible. I think that’s a sweet deal for something that could save your life.

In terms of the ID itself I have the Wrist ID Elite in matte black which is made of really tough rubber and has a watch style buckle.  It feels really durable and will last for years – unless I lose it! The band is fully adjustable, comfortable and lightweight. I have a small wrist and it fits fine.

For more information click on the Road ID logo below to check out their website!

[Please note that I am part of the Road ID affiliate program supporting Road ID products. I don’t just support anything though – only gear I’ve tried and like enough to blog about it!]

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