De-stress: Nitobe Memorial Garden, UBC

I feel extremely lucky to work for an institution that supports its staff to lead healthier lives physically and mentally. As a cyclist I appreciate the push for sustainable transportation options and the expansion of designated paths and secured bike parking. As a runner Iā€™m spoiled with choices of scenic routes – not many university campuses can boast a peninsula location with panoramic views of snow-capped mountains and evergreen forest. And as an employee I appreciate the opportunity given to engage co-workers and create initiatives for my department such as after work yoga and healthy cooking classes made possible through funding given by the Healthy Workplace Initiatives Program Fund. Overall at UBC nature is at my doorstep, which for me is a perfect place to work and Thrive.

(This blog post is a submission for the UBC Blog to Thrive Challenge which got me thinking about how UBC as an employer and physical location helps me maintain a healthy work-life balance. Coming up is Thrive Week (October 17 ā€“ 21, 2011) which has some pretty cool events happening on campus!)

2 thoughts on “Thrive

  1. The garden at your work is beautiful! I am envious of your working conditions – I have your standard office job way too far away to bike to. Plus . .. I live in Seattle and we are transitioning into winter.

    It’s great that your so focused on your health – too little of us are

    1. I admit I’m super lucky to be working up here – there are lots of trails to run along as well through forest and beach which I love. I live up in Vancouver so weather wise very similar to Seattle and can definitely feel the winter chill coming up in the air!

      Thanks for reading! šŸ™‚

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