The Yellow Chopper – Search and Rescue

Golden Ears - SRA training
SRA Trainees wait below while the helicopter steers away

You know when you’re just in the right place at the right time and you manage to get a pretty awesome shot of something cool? This was definitely one of those moments.
I was sitting behind these rocks brewing myself a nice cuppa tea to celebrate 6 hours of uphill hiking with a 16kg pack strapped to my back, when I suddenly hear this Terminator-esque chopper sound. I turn around and behind me out of nowhere a yellow helicopter appears from behind the ridge, lands with 3 guys scurrying out, then they wait crouched down whilst the helicopter pilot first hovers and then steers away. It was like watching an action movie scene with the mountains in the backdrop. Turns out they were new Search and Rescue volunteers on a training run. I’d also just like to take the time to say: Thank You Search and Rescue folks, I really appreciate you volunteering your time and energy to aid those in need. The thought is comforting.

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