A group crosses a snow field on their way down from Black Tusk, Garibaldi Provincial Park.

It was the first time I’ve ever crossed a snow field in the summer and I later learned that the technical term for my “foot skiing” down is standing glissading. Don’t you just love fancy lingo! It inflates me with self-importance.

Serious note if you’re going to glissade make sure you’re able to stay in control and that there’s plenty of runout. I like to carry a general mountaineering axe when there’s the potential for snow on a hike. Worse case scenario of lost control you’ll be able to use self arrest to stop yourself. Plus as bonus points you look pretty gung-ho and impressive – just make sure you also know how to use it. (Note: There’s no shame in learning, I had to find a youtube video on how to attach the axe to my pack for the first time… ahem…)

Safety first, cause if you’re hurt, then it ain’t fun.

2 thoughts on “Glissading

  1. Great Picture, the people in the photo adds an element of humanity and bring life to the picture and it also gives a perspective to the vastness of the area. Wish I was there.

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